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Top 7 Lab Tests/Health Checkup Portals In India



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When it comes to health no one wishes to jeopardise in terms of health checkups, hospitals, everyone wants the best for themselves and their loved ones. There are so many labs, hospitals, clinics out there, it could get overwhelming to understand which clinic and the hospital would be the best option for you. When looking for a white-labelled one-stop solution, you only want the best. Online portals are there which offer you all-round services including health checkups, online opinions and medical records. Online health portals have brought health checkups at your fingertips from the ease of your home.

There are so many advantages to going for online health portals including the convenience, you do not have to stand in line or wait the whole day in a clinic but everything would be done in a jiffy. You can book online consultancy from various websites and there are options where you could video call doctors too. There are some which are regarded as the top health check-up portals you could trust for guaranteed and genuine consultancy. Medical assistance is offered to you during any hour. This was set up to listen to the concerns to anyone who could not visit the clinic but require quick medical attention.


It provides you with a lab service and 1mg coupons that offer radiology, pathology as well as full-body checkups and that too without spending obnoxious amounts of money. When you opt for this portal, it would offer you 35% off on all lab tests. The awesome deals here would save you tons of money and you get immediate health attention too. They offer lab tests only on a doctor’s prescription. When you upload your prescription, after verification, free home pick-up of samples are done and later you could view your reports online.


This is an online health care portal that offers diagnostics and wellness check-up. They have served clients since 2014 and gives accurate results at pocket-friendly prices. Making premium healthcare affordable for everyone has always been their aim. It offers you high-quality health checkups including screening, monitoring and offers consultancy on how you could improve your health. More so than often they have amazing deals for you.


They offer excellent health checkups benefits and you could easily choose the test package. They have home sample collection and with an easy user-interface, you could pa through their website or the app. Medlife coupon code offer you an affordable online diagnostic of your health sitting from your home. They offer you both services including receiving your report online via email or getting them couriered which might take up to two days.  


This is online healthcare and also a medicine delivering platform. You could get your test results with honesty and reliability and also use PharmEasy coupon codes while ordering medicine to save money. They help you by connecting you to the local registered medicine vendor for the services you would be opting with them.


mfine ensures that you never have to wait when you are ill and offers you immediate consultancy. They offer uber-response anytime and anywhere whether in the confines of your office or at home. They help you connect with the best doctors and each time you consult a doctor you get a digital prescription for your benefit and later use. They have gained a huge trust among customers in India.


This is another online health checkup portal that offers video consulting with your doctor, appointments, consultation, pharmacy as well as diagnostics. You could avail discounts from their pharmacy. They also offer you health checkups that cover patients of all ages. At affordable rates, get genuine diagnostic services with them.

Dr Lal PathLabs

They are one of the topmost pathology labs in India and have a strong focus in helping you get honest results and that too at affordable rates. This brand is associated with offering you quality services. They offer patients convenient locations and services that are of the highest quality standards. They are one of the most trustworthy and reliable pathology centres in India. They are NABL certified and work through their nationwide network of clinics and medical laboratories.

These are some of the topmost names in terms of leading health checkups portals in India. Before choosing anyone specifically, make sure you have an ample amount of knowledge and understanding about their services and customer policy.

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