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Top 7 DTH (Direct-To-Home) Services In India 2020



DTH Service Providers and Plans in India

With technology came visual media. And, visual media changed the way people used to entertain themselves. With the invention of the television, entertainment reached new heights. But what was the use of television if there was nothing to view on it? DTH services or Direct-To-Home services offer you uninterrupted service with the help of television. Again, with time, technology improved how television was designed and prototyped. From big boxes came sleek flat TVs.

Satellite television offers you various benefits including playing and pausing of live TV, you can stream any show from anywhere at any time, recording, thousands of channels to watch and on-demand services.

What is DTH?

DTH or Direct-To-Home helps you in receiving satellite television from broadcasting satellite through strong signals. This way there would be no obstacle and the signal would be transmitted without any hassle. India is one country that has the highest consumer market when it comes to DTH. With more than 67 million active users, it has a huge demand in not just cities but the rural areas too. With DTH, you could now watch streaming platforms and without a doubt do video calling through your television.

But choosing the right one is vital. Many DTH services now offer you HD services, which are also known as high definition channels. Read reviews and go through customer ratings. This would give you an idea of whether the money would be worth investing or not. DTH services are now coming up with new features and advantages that have evolved the way people watch television now.


In 2006, Tata entered a partnership with 21st Century Fox which is now known by the name of The Walt Disney Company. And, with these people knew something big would be coming their way. Tata Sky is one of the leading DTH services in India and its rate starts from INR 40/month. They are the second oldest DTH service provider and offer more than 600 channels and over 90 HD channels making your experience a smart one. Online you would come across Tata Sky recharge offers and they have various devotional, kids, sports, movie and other channels making it ideal for your evening family entertainment.

Dish TV

They are the oldest in the market and know how to hold onto their popularity. Launched by Zee TV, they know how to survive in this economical market with Dish TV coupons where technology advances every year. Reputation and affordability are the reason why dish TV was able to hold its ground and still is a popular choice among residents and homeowners. They offer you various plans that you could choose according to what you prefer and provide almost all the channels.

Sun Direct

Owned by Sun Network, this one offers all possible regional language and content and is very much popular in the Southern part of India. Their aim is to offer regional language packs.

Airtel TV

Airtel is a popular name in the telecom industry and therefore it was not difficult for them to utilise this reputation to launch their DTH services which soon acquired almost 12 million users. They offer more than 500 channels and you could easily take advantage of their modern features including securing various lines through one dish. Therefore, with one dish antenna, you could use more than one television.


This was owned by Videocon and has millions of users all over the country. With exceptional sound quality and Videocon d2h coupon codes, they have won the hearts of various Indian homeowners. With so many channels and features for each age group, this is a smart service that makes sure appropriate content is shown to everyone.

Independent TV

This is a leading name when it comes to DTH services and has more than 6 million users. They have excellent customer service and channels that this country has to offer. You also get to enjoy international channels and they offer multiple packs for you depending on what you prefer.

DD Free Dish

This was meant for the economical backyard who could not afford subscription payment every month. You just have to pay the installation prices and the subscription would be free for a lifetime. With limited private channels, they offer all the national and DD channels which offer updated news, weather, sports and even entertainment.

Therefore, these are some of the most known DTH service providers you would come across. They have also come up with a new facility where you could choose your own channels and create a DTH pack for yourself. Before selecting anyone, always compare and get the best deal.

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