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Personalized Gifts – Best Way To Surprise Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan



Rakhi Gifting Ideas

Raksha Bandhan is the sacred occasion of celebrating the evergreen bond of love and warmth between siblings. The festival is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and cherished by every sibling across the country and even beyond.

It falls in the Indian month of Shravan every year and brings joy in the eternal bond between a sister and her brother. Sisters tie the sacred thread called Rakhi around their brother’s wrist and exchange sweets and gifts. These gestures are expressions of love they nurture in their hearts for each other.

The joyous occasion of Raksha Bandhan in 2020 is on a Monday, 3rd August. Since the day is just around the corner, you must have started making plans for it. The country is not in great shape right now due to the deadly COVID-19 outbreak.

With nation-wide lockdowns and restrictions, it may not be possible for every brother and sister to meet each other in person. But you can still send your best wishes and show your love with an extraordinary gift and a lovely Rakhi.

Personalized Gifts Are the Best

Personalized gifts can bring a real personal touch and rejuvenate the bond even if you are separated by miles. This blog features some of the best gift ideas, unique and touching. The best online stores and top-tiered providers such as Archies, Indiangifts Portal, Floweraura, and others bring the best options at affordable prices.

Top Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Beloved Brother

Check out the best gifting ideas drawn up by the experts of the art of gifting. These state of the art personalized gifts can surely bring a shining smile on your brother’s face on the pious day of Raksha Bandhan.

  • Personalized LED Cushions

What can be a better gift than a personalized cushion with a soothing gleam of LED lighting? The little tinge of yellow in the glow with a personalized message or an impression of your brother’s face make this an excellent choice as a Raksha Bandhan gift. Pair it with a gorgeous beaded Rakhi and top it over with a few sweets or chocolates. Your brother would love it.

You can get this amazing gift online. Ferns n Petals feature this work of art and also offers free delivery. The product is fairly priced at around 500 INR. You can get it at an excitingly lower price with FNP coupons.

  • Personalized Pop-grips

Pop-grips for smartphones has been trending for some time. How about gifting your brother the best-personalized Pop grip for his smartphone! Every time he uses his phone, the gift will remind him of you. If you wish to go with this gift, make sure to choose the right photo or the perfect message for customization.

Since the Pop grip is meant for regular use, a photo or a message distinctly for the day of Raksha Bandhan may not be the ideal choice. Go for an image or message that is appropriate for regular use. Add on some cookies, or a pack of dry fruits to make the gift even more attractive.

The item is affordable and you can get one from websites like Indian Gifts Portal. IGP coupon codes can get you this item and many more items at great discounts.

  • Personalized Mugs And Glasses

If your brother is on the older side of teenage or adulthood, then this is a great choice of customized gift. There are many first-grade gifting websites offering mugs, cups, and glasses for personalization.

Go with a coffee mug having a custom message and a great image. If your brother is a beer-lover and enjoys biking, then you can choose from the huge range of bike-riders’ beer mugs. For a classy and aristocratic feel, a whiskey glass with minimal design and personalization is best.

These are widely available online. If you wish to get the best ones, pay a visit to Floweraura website. Get one of their finest pieces at a great price with Floweraura offers.

These are only a few among the huge range of personalized gift choices. Go ahead and search for more ideas. Websites like Bigsmall and Archies might help you out. Get the best and make this Raksha Bandhan unforgettable for your dear brother.

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