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How To Sell Products On Flipkart: A Complete Guide



Flipkart is inviting you to sell with it and enjoy high profitability and growth. However, if you are avoiding the opportunity due to lack of procedural knowledge, we are here to help

Amazon introduced us to e-commerce but it took Flipkart to make it mainstream in India. Presently county’s leading e-commerce store, Flipkart has 10 Crore registered buyers, produces over 10 million page visits a day, makes 80 Lakh deliveries a month across 1000 cities nationwide, and generates revenues worth INR 15260 Crores. The numbers are encouraging for anyone wanting to sell with the online megastore, and achieve business growth and profitability. It’s time for you too to jump into the Flipkart seller bandwagon and unlock endless opportunities. No need to worry about the requirements, as we keep you in the know of things.  

Who can be a seller?

Any Individual, LLP / Partnership Firm, Private Limited Company, Trust or Foundation selling original products can be a Flipkart seller. To start selling, you need to first visit the Flipkart Seller Homepage where you’ll be signing on with Flipkart. Here, you provide some personal details, including name, Email ID, phone number, address and products you will be selling. Providing the following business and tax registration documents is also mandatory.   

Document requirements for Individual sellers:

When you are selling at Flipkart on your name, Flipkart considers it a Sole Proprietorship business. This category business neither enjoys liability protection, nor transferability. The scope for having promoters and partners is also not there, and loans are difficult to avail. Selling as an individual should be avoided. But, if you persist, provide the following business docs.   

  1. A declaration that you own the bank account used by your business.  
  2. The bank account statement for the previous six months
  3. A valid Passport, PAN Card, Voters ID, DL or any other identity proof
  4. Landline bill, utility bill, ration card, Lease agreement or any other address proof

Document requirements for Private Limited Company:

Selling with Flipkart as a Private Limited Company is always beneficial. In this arrangement, you enjoy limited liability protection, hassle-free transferability, and the possibility to include investors. Plus, you are free to scale the business as per requirements while documentation is easy. Here’re the documentation requirements for the seller as a Private Limited Company.

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  3. PAN Card in the name of the Private Limited Company
  4. The company landline bill, utility bill or any other address proof
  5. Lease agreement

Document requirements for LLP/Partnership Firm:

Selling as an LLP/Partnership Firm gives you advantages similar to what a Private Limited Company seller enjoys, including limited liability protection, hassle-free transferability, and scope for bringing in investors. Herein, your documentation requirements include:

  1. LLP Incorporation Certificate
  2. Partnership deed
  3. Power of Attorney from partners to conduct business activities on their behalf
  4. Any document that establishes the identity of partners and Power of Attorney holder
  5. The firm’s PAN Card
  6. The firm’s landline bill, utility bill or any other address proof
  7. Lease agreement

Document requirements for Trusts and Foundations:

If you are a Trust or a Foundation, Flipkart offers you decent avenues to sell. Your documentation requirements are similar to those of an LLP/Partnership Firm.

Tax Registration Requirements:

Flipkart Seller has to meet certain tax registration requirements to start selling.  

  1. Name of the business/individual
  2. Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card
  3. Value Added Tax Number, popularly known as TIN Number
  4. Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN)
  5. Bank account details
  6. IFSC code issued by your bank

How to sell on Flipkart?

Now that you have put together the required business and tax documents, it’s time to get registered and start selling. Follow the following steps:  

  1. Visit the Flipkart Seller Homepage
  2. Provide your personal, business and bank details
  3. List products under suitable categories

Feel free to provide Flipkart offers on your products to attract sales and profits. Upon receiving an order, pack the product and keep it ready for dispatch. Flipkart deploys a carrier to pick up the order from your location and deliver it to the buyer, quickly and safely. The payments are typically settled within 7 to 15 business days from the date of dispatch. You decide the price of your product and pay Flipkart a mutually-agreed commission on each sale. In case, you decide to run an offer on your product, Flipkart will publish Flipkart coupon code for it.

What are the perks for a seller?

Flipkart offers you a host of perks to keep you profitable and growing.

  • It has 350+ catalog partners nationwide to help you design the catalog. They will provide hi-res images and complete product descriptions to attract customer attention.  
  • In collaboration with top carriers, Flipkart ensures hassle-free and speedy pickups and deliveries. With over 200 pick-up hubs, your fulfillment needs are well catered to.
  • The payments are processed speedily upon order fulfillment and the details of which are displayed on the seller dashboard.
  • Financial assistance and training on the art of B2C selling are provided.