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Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home In 2020



DIY Ideas at your home this diwali

Diwali is a festival that brings to everyone’s mind colourful courtyards, light, sweets, and colours and not to forget the crackers. People start preparing days before Diwali, from cleaning and decorating their home with lights, rangolis and colours to buying new clothes, Diwali signifies the joyous moments and the emotions. Diwali is associated with the winning of good over evil and sharing happiness over sweets and spending quality time with friends and family. Diwali is all about spreading the positive vibes and light is the symbol of goodness and positive energy.

The decoration is a huge part of the Diwali celebrations. And, people are coming up with new ideas every year that would make their decorations unique from others. Light up your Diwali with the below-mentioned idea that is not only appreciable but would be loved by all. From colour papers, lights, tea lights, flowers, Diyas, mason jars could be used to make inexpensive stuff at home but which would decorate you and usher in the positive vibes and good luck. Diwali is the time when dressing up is not enough but sprucing up your home matters too. Here are some new-age decor ideas for your Diwali in 2020.

Hula Hoop Chandeliers

Having a hula hoop at home? Try winding string lights around it randomly; you could hang it in your living room, balcony to add to the festive moods. These lights are well known to work both in an  indoor and outdoor setting. Again, not just Diwali, you could use them for party decor and this is an inexpensive method and all you need is to twine the lights.

Thread Lantern

These are so simple to make and looks great with lights inside it. All you need is some glue, a bowl, balloon, cotton yarn. The first step would constitute taking some glue in some water and then soak the whole of the yarn and keep it aside for a few minutes. Then blow a balloon to the desired size and then slowly wind the yarn all around it until you get the pattern you want. When the yarn dries off, you could burst the balloon and hang it with string lights surrounding it or inside it the way you want.

Paper Cup Lights

Do you have cupcake cups and paper cups at home? If they are plain-looking you could always wrap them in wrapping but make sure the light emits out or you could paint them too. Make holes at the bottom and from them put the string lights too. A beautiful and inexpensive way of decorating a home that would be appreciated by all. This way the paper cups look like lampshades but with a different appearance altogether.

Wind Lights On the Tree

If you have a tree or trees in your backyard, make it look decorative with lights winding all around it. In gardens, this is the only way you could decorate the place. You could even try hanging lights from the trees but make sure that an extension cord reaches the switch. This would be a total party-perfect setting.

Glass Jar Lanterns

If you have glass jars including jam bottles, mason jars at home, rather than throwing them away try to make use of them during Diwali by putting candles inside or string lights. You could paint them in any colour and try creating Moroccan style lanterns that offer a beautiful look. Keep them in your living room, dining room, stairs. It would be a great DIY gift too.

Flower And Candles

For Diwali, candles would always be an indispensable part. From rangolis to having flower to gifting them to your loved ones is a part of Diwali. Create an arrangement of flower that you could place anywhere in your home and also place candles nearby. This creates a whimsical look and looks quite stunning.

 Wineglass Lamps

This is a versatile decorative item that could be used for various occasions. Fill the wine glasses with water and put some flowers on top. It could be artificial flowers so that they last long and place some tea light on top which would float creating a magnificent look. You could also put coloured stones and crystals in the glass.

These are some of the ways by which you could create some stunning Diwali decorations. But make sure while doing so and creating inexpensive DI decorations at home or even while setting up lights and candles, you maintain safety.

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