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Different Designs Of Eyewear For Every Type Of Face



What do we understand by eyewear? It is sunglasses, spectacles, contact lenses and goggles. If the question of shapes and designs come in, we can leave out contact lenses pretty much as they are more of a correctional kind, and meant to be invisible, though coloured contact lenses are also in the market with aesthetics in mind. Here we discuss the various shapes of eyewear to suit every face

Choose a frame that adds substance to your facial features, or to say in simple words, makes your face look good. You need to try out some frames on you before a mirror. You may also take the opinion of someone whose fashion sense you have faith in.

If you have to do it alone, go through the following steps:

Firstly, form an idea on the shape of your face

Is it round, triangular, oblong or square? A round face is the one which has length and width of the same proportions. An oblong face is more long than wide.  A square face has well-defined jaw bones and cheekbones, where the eyebrows are usually set wide apart. Triangular faces are of two types: – narrow forehead-wide chin and wide forehead-narrow chin.                                                

Secondly, stand in front of a mirror with an assortment of frames in your hand

Try out all, see which one you like the best on you.  Right frames bring out the natural beauty of your face. Don’t follow trends blindly; keep in mind everything doesn’t suit everyone.

Fashion pundits, whose profession is to give fashion advice to the vulnerable kind, have suggested typical frames according to the shape of the face. Let’s go through some of those suggestions.

Frames for Round Face

1. Try Angular Frame

Choose square or rectangular frames. These balance the facial features, makes the face look chiseled; more defined.

E.g.: square, brow-line, hipster, etc

2. Try Nose Pads

Nose pads help downplay big cheeks and flat nose.

3. Be Particular about Bold Colors and Patterns

Correct hues can make your eyes look bigger, and also complement your skin tone and eye colour.

4. Keep Away from Round or Small Sunglasses

Circular frames make your face look rounder. Your face needs structure. Circulars exaggerate the roundness of your visage.

Frames for Square Face

A square-shaped face is taken as a ‘strong’ face. The frame for such a face should soften the lines and angles. Keep miles away from the square and other angular frames; these highlight the many hills and valleys of your face. Check out the round and the oval frames―rimless and semi-rimless. Round frames contrast the straight lines and the face appears longer.

A tip related to glasses selection: Divert people’s attention from the angles of your face―wear coloured glasses. Blondes best suit in coral, green or shades of red. Brunettes should try blue, black and pink frames. Similarly try matching brown frames for brown eyes, green and brown for hazel eyes, blue and grey for blue eyes, and brown, gold and purple shades for green eyes.

Frames for Triangular Face

A person with the triangular face should select eyewear in a manner it draws attention to the upper part of the face and adds gravitas to the chin. Round and oval- glasses e.g. a modified wayfarer, and also rimless glasses are befitting if you want to bring in softness in your angular lines. Winged frames work wonders. Women with diamond-shaped faces look good in cat-eyeglasses.  The frames should be wide and reach the sides of the face. Triangular faces have an advantage, many styles suit this shape.

Aviator glasses are also a good fit for diamond-shaped faces. Example: Fly Boy – it maintains the Aviator shape, with the added features of curvy brow line and prolonged temples to make it appear wider.

The face looks soft if the frames are in light colours, or with detailing such as a tortoise or flowery patterns.

Oversized frames, top-heavy frames, and frames with decorative designs need to be avoided; instead go for a light, thin, and soft-edged pair. Wide glasses and sunglasses hide the cheekbones.

Frames for Oblong Face

This is the most versatile face shape. Choosing glasses for this shape is the easiest because this face rocks all styles. This is because of the natural balance between cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Some Guidelines for Choosing Eyewear tor Oval-shaped Faces

  • Eyewear should be square or rectangular.
  • Check out bold shapes that keep the balance of the face intact.
  • Upswept corners do great, they give prominence to cheekbones.
  • You will rock the cat-eye silhouette. There are plenty of cat-eye styles to choose –round, oblong, slight- squared; in multiple colours and textures.
  • Oval faces face one problem, the lower part of the face, especially the chin area receive the most attention. Oversized glasses do great in this respect; they draw attention away from the chin.
  • Trendy clear glasses, with their interesting designs, draw away the focus from the chin to the eyes.

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Eyes are said to be the ‘mirror of the soul’. So when you choose gears for them, naturally you should go for the best.