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7 Types Of Footwear Every Woman Must Have In Her Shoe Rack



Women love shoes. But sometimes a woman is confused; she is indecisive regarding what to buy; which shoes will go well with her dress and personality. We all know the adage, ‘A man is known by his shoes’, and this applies for women too. Here’s a footwear guide for all women.

To quote Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

You simply don’t believe a woman who says she has no shoe-fetish. The statement is a ‘de facto lie’.

You should see women in shoe stores―how very engaged each one is―from 8 to 80 years ―all engrossed in checking out the designs, checking out the prices, trying out various sizes, heaping up the boxes of the chosen shoes on the attendant’s hands, looking longingly at the ones they couldn’t manage to buy this trip, and then finally leaving happily with the treasures in their secure possession. Also, on the way out, they indulge (and we guarantee this) in analysing the pros and cons of certain shoes in the shop. Let us take a look at the seven types of footwear for women.

7 Types of Footwear for Every Woman

Mostly women prefer to appear well-groomed in every situation, here’s a list of footwear we suggest― after much research work―as best for all kinds of women.

1. Pumps

The classical pumps are closed counters with a cutout top line which shows off the entire top of the foot from the toe box onwards. It has a seamless vamp has no lace, buckle or strap. But today it has metamorphosed; with features such as peep toes, open toes, pointed toes, rounded toes, ankle straps, and heels such as stiletto, kitten, stacked, wedge, etc.

Pumps add glamour to every dress, make you look taller, and highlight the curves of the calves, buttocks, and chest.

2. Open-Toe Sandals

They never go out of fashion, ask any woman how happy she is with a pair of cool and trendy open toe sandals – the perfect blend of comfort and style. Here’s why women love open toe sandals:

  • Your feet can breathe
  • Comfortable
  • Hassle-free― Putting on and getting out of them take a fraction of a second.
  • Stylish as casual wear

3. Platform

These are thick-soled shoes, with significantly raised heels. This sole adds to height with less pressure on the ball of the foot. It’s a comfortable heel, goes well with culottes and midi-skirts. There are two types of platforms- the first type has platform on the full sole of the shoe, and the second type where only the front portion has platform, there is a high heel at the back

4. Oxfords

An Oxford shoe is the one with shoelace eyelets tabs attached under the vamp. This is known as ‘closed lacing’. A pair of oxfords is considered typical formal wear for women. But what we say is; your shoes, you know best when to wear them.

5. Trainers

Trainer shoes provide cushioning and have stability devices for protecting feet and ankles. Use running shoes for jogging or walking. Use cross-trainers for aerobics, weight training, or hard-surface activities like kickboxing.

Though trainers are mainly considered as exercise shoes, they make a good fashion statement too.  As a custom, they are paired with jeans and sweats, but now fashionistas are rocking midis and minis and shorts with sneakers; it’s a new and widely acclaimed fashion trend.

6. Ankle Boots

These go well with long skirts and pants. The idea is to show no legs. If you have shapely legs, you may pair them with skirts a few inches above the knee.

Boots weren’t popular fashion items until the 1960s, though women wore them for long. They evolved and won their place among the top fashion items in the 1970s. Since then, they are a must among shoes for all fashionable women.

7. Stilettos

A stiletto heel is a long, very thin high heel; varying in length from 2.5 cm (1 inch) to 25 cm (10 inches). Your beauty accentuates; you appear to have longer, slimmer legs, a smaller foot, and greater height.

We get to see very high stilettos a lot on runways and in nightclubs. The spiked heels measure on an average 10 cm (4 inches). Some even go beyond 13 cm (5 inches), and those are some high heels!

Parting Thoughts

All you have to do is check your size and do some research on the latest coupons for shoes. It will help you buy the type you want at the best price.

So; why wait? Ready, (Get) Set, Go! Happy Shoe-shopping!