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7 Reasons Why Purchasing Travel Packages Make Sense



For any vacation to be well-spent, it has to be well-planned. Though, Bollywood and other popular media have glorified impromptu plans, the real picture obviously differs, especially when you are used to a particular lifestyle and comfort-level. On top of that, some travellers with health issues may need to take additional care while travelling, hence pick-your-bag-and-let’s-run-away plans might not work for them at all. Planning a trip can be done in two ways—either you take a tour package which offers a gamut of services in lieu of one-time fee; or book each service such as flights/trains/buses, hotels, sight-seeing tickets individually. Some people think that booking a tour package is an expensive affair, but it is not, here’s why.

  • Everything is Organised

When you take a tour package, everything is laid out for you. Right from booking travel tickets and hotels to intra-city travel and sight-seeing destinations, the agents help manage everything. You just have to do one thing and i.e. to relax and enjoy your holidays fullest. In DIY holidays, half of the time and energy goes into shortlisting and bookings, before, during, and after the travel.  

  • Helps Save Money

In the long run, booking a tour package is always more economical. First, you can use discount coupons such as Make My Trip holiday coupons which help cut down the total cost to some extent. Second. When you buy anything in a package, you generally have to pay less. Third, even if you happen to get DIY travel services at a lower cost, imagine the time and effort that you will be spending into it. At present, when time is money and everybody is short of time, choosing to do everything yourself does not seem a very wise decision. Moreover, when you book a full-service tour package online or otherwise, all the charges are stated upfront and there’s little or no possibility of any hidden charges which might pop up later in a DIY trip.

  • Reliability

Every other day we read and hear about instances where people get cheated financially while booking holiday services. Choosing a holiday package from reputed service providers is a better deal any day to avoid such losses. The lesson here to learn is that while seeking discount, one should check the reputation of the company and should not believe an offer which seems too good to be true. For example, a Yatra Hotel Coupon offering 20% discount is definitely more reliable option than a lesser known company with a shady website offering 50% discount. What may seem increased saving amount at first might cost you exorbitantly later if due care is not taken while choosing a tours and travel packages company.

  • Better Options

Some travel package sellers also provide the option to customise services according to the need and suitability of the clients.  For example, when you book an inter-state bus individually, many portals show options for buses with only reclining seats, no matter how luxurious the bus is. For someone with motion sickness or altitude sickness, these seats might not be suitable. When you choose a holiday package, services are matched to the requirements of the customers and customised packages are offered to make their travel experience comfortable.  Similarly, when the route is too volatile as compared to an average holiday spot, travel providers might consider taking you from more secure and safer routes, wherever possible.

  • Collaborations to Enhance Customer Experience

Prominent holiday services providers collaborate with key service providers, for example, offers by Make My Trip on flights is a result of the company’s partnership with major airlines in India and abroad. Similarly, right from hotels to local drivers, renowned holiday package providers work collectively with everyone who plays a role in making the customers’ journey enjoyable.

  • Economical Option for Solo Travellers

Being a solitary explorer could be an eye-opening experience for many, but it is definitely costs more, and even more when you are arranging a solo trip bit by bit all by yourself. It makes sense to book a tour package as you will be grouped with people who have similar travel plans. This will help divide the expenses fairly and also give you an opportunity to meet new people while being able to maintain some personal space.

  • Safety

Packages offered by leading travel services providers also include travel insurance at a minimal cost. This is not only a great way to have your money recovered in case the trip gets cancelled, but also cover yourself against many mishaps, such as stolen or lost luggage, unexpected medical emergency etc.  that might happen during the journey.

So, what’s your choice to plan a journey?

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