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7 Best Earphone/Headphone Brands In India



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Good quality sound is a must when hearing music, creating some or even when doing mundane things like a video call. Without good quality headphones, one might not be able to enjoy the whole experience of what headphones are meant to do. For all you know there is a huge market when it comes to headphones. 

Various models are there in the market and offering variations in terms of features and price too. Many companies now manufacture headphones whether big or small. But, among all these, how do find the right one?

There are some brands which are appreciated by all in the international market while you would find some made in India that has gained a lot of popularity too. Now, which headphone is worth your money in 2020? Here are some options that might help you choose the right one.

But before anything else, keep in mind that customer review matters a lot and this gives you an idea of how the headphones function and whether it lives up to its name and reputation or not. You should be getting your money’s worth and be able to use it for a long time.


This is one of the most reputed brands you could come across when it comes to quality sound. They are a top tier brand that has been established in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser at Hannover, Germany, and have been serving everyday customers to celebrities with a huge range of electronic product that has gained them quite the fame. They make premium quality headphones and also have a wireless house with the name CX sport and Momentum Free.

Wherever you search, you would always find them in recommendation lists. Sennheiser has cheap headphones though quality ones for the common consumer while premium superior ones for sound creators or who require them. You would even find celebrities and others sporting them. These headphones incorporate quality, durability, style, design, comfort and most importantly their reasonable pricing.


This is another brand that you would find everyone appreciating. JBL promo code offers you some great discounts during special seasons or even during brand anniversary and birthday. This company was established in 1946 and usually expertise in loudspeakers and similar other devices. But, in recent times, they have also caught up with the market in coming up with significant quality headphone that offers the superior sound quality, design, durability and the affordability factor. They were the pioneers of wireless headphones and enjoy a vast market in India.


Founded by Amar Gopal Bose, this is one brand that Indians prefer a lot. Offering high-quality sound and immaculate designs, Bose coupons let you get them at lower prices during the sale. This company is known as the ‘Apple of India For Headphones ‘. The extravagant pricing is because each product is quality tested and goes on for years. From noise-cancelling headphones to top tier audio systems, they are the best in the market. The headphones are comfortable, durable and if you love the top-notch quality sound, this is what you should go for.


This is a tech-driven brand that offers the latest headphones and with the latest features. Noise coupon codes offer you discounts while purchasing. You would often find this brand in various shopping sites or could purchase from their official site too. They offer the hottest technology accessories in the hands of the Indian consumers.


This is one brand that you would find in almost every household whether audio devices, gaming, earbuds or even headphone, they offer you everything and at affordable rates. They have a huge market worldwide and offers the best quality devices. The company has been consistent in delivering the number 1 product since day one.


This company manufacture fun, hip and cool colours and design headphones that would satisfy every consumer in the country. Skullcandy offers you a huge category in audio gadgets and is a US-based company. This company is famous for its funky designs and has partnered with athletes, celebrities and other prominent figures to increase their consumer population from their headquarters in Utah.


This company is the latest name in the market but has gained a huge following. They offer top-notch audio systems and headphones and specialise in manufacturing soundproof headphones. This brand was established in 1980 and offers quality Bluetooth devices too.

Therefore, these are some of the most reliable headphone brand names that you could go for without thinking twice. They offer the best and you know spending your money would be worth it.

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