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5 Things You Must Carry While Travelling Outside India



You require a wide assortment of things, including some that you just cannot do without, for your international travels. In this article, we intend to discuss such travel essentials.

Your international trip is confirmed and you have already started daydreaming of all your travel possibilities. However, your priority at the moment should be planning, preparing and packing, which has to be quite meticulous. As far as packing your clothes and other basic requirements are concerned, it would be subject to factors, such as where you are going, the season, trip duration and so on. Nevertheless, we are not here to discuss this but travel essentials without which your trip can never be something you are looking forward to.


As soon as you decide to go on a foreign trip, make sure to consider visa upfront. The reason behind is that the process usually takes a while and visa requirements and regulations differ from a country to another. Visa is a permission a traveller seeks for entering a particular country for a specified period. Several countries offer visa-free access and some offer visa-on-arrival access while many others offer visa-on-entry access. You must do thorough research regarding visa terms and conditions applicable in the country you are planning to visit.


Passport is the most important document that you must have to be an international traveller. So, if you don’t have one, apply for it at the earliest because it is also going to take some time. In case you already have a passport, ensure it is not going to expire anywhere within the next 6 months. Besides carrying the original passport, you must carry its photocopies as well. Keep the photocopies separately and keep one with your travel partner as well. These simple steps can save you big time if you, unfortunately, happen to lose your passport while in the foreign land. In case you do lose it, report at the nearest police station and then inform the embassy as soon as possible.

Flight ticket

It is a well-known fact that booking tickets in advance has a plethora of advantages. You not only get to seamlessly book seats of your choice but also save a considerable amount on tickets, as flight bookings in advance are fairly cheap in comparison to those done last minute. Before purchasing tickets, make sure to check the ticket requirements of the country you are travelling to. Several countries have no specific ticket policies while you require a round trip ticket for seeking entry to some countries. Once your tickets are done, read the check-in time carefully and confirm the dates. Don’t forget to carry your flight ticket in any case and it is advised to carry a copy also to be on the safer side.

Accommodation Proof

Be it a hotel or any other accommodation you have planned to stay in during your visit to a foreign country, you are required to provide its proof. Sometimes the Visa consulate wants the proof of accommodation before you apply for visa application. In other cases, those on a tourist visa or visiting countries with visa-on-arrival are required to present their accommodation proof at the immigration centre. If your family or friend has invited you to a foreign country, you can also present the invitation with a copy of the host’s passport.

Travel Insurance

Except for a few countries that require travel insurance to obtain a visa, carrying travel insurance along is not mandatory for an international traveller. However, it certainly is highly recommended for the benefit of travellers alone for it has been designed to cover their medical emergencies that can turn out to be expensive while abroad. It is wise to plan such things much before leaving for a foreign trip, as they work wonders for making travel experiences worry-free.

Forex Card

It is a no brainer that you require local currency to spend wherever you go. If you think you would easily find a way to exchange your Indian currency every time you need money to spend on foreign land, well things aren’t so. The ideal way of doing things right is to get currency exchange done before leaving India and carry along some cash and the Forex card. These are cards preloaded with foreign currency of your choice. They work like a debit card only but have more advantages and benefits. Earlier being just single currency cards, forex cards today have become multi-currency cards.

You can load different currencies on a single card, making it ideal for times when you plan a travel to multiple countries. You can enquire your bank about the number of currencies they allow you to load on your card. Take, for instance, HDFC Bank allows loading up to 23 different currencies, 16 foreign currencies for the Axis Bank forex card and like. You would be happy to know that you don’t have to pay any forex conversion charges because your currency exchange takes place before you leave India.