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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Sunscreen In Summers



Sunscreens are an essential part of anyone’s skincare regime, irrespective of their age, gender or sex. Blame it on the deteriorating ozone layer or the increase in temperature, it is no hidden fact that your skin needs protection all year round. We will be discussing some top sunscreen brands, effective not just for the summer months but all year round.

The soaring temperatures and blinding sun make it impossible for us to step out of the house without some sunblock or tan lotion on. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays, prevents premature wrinkling, and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

There are so many cosmetic brands out there selling sunscreen products for preventing tanning and sunburns. However, you cannot just pick any product off the counter. We would recommend a sunscreen with a high SPF count, preferably waterproof and not very thick or oily in its consistency.

Read on to know all about sunscreens and why are they your best friend this summer.

Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Sunlight might be a good source of Vitamin D, but not everything about sunshine is beneficial for you. The excessive heat and harmful rays can lead to sudden acne breakouts, dehydration and even lead to cancer. With continued and unprotected exposure to the sun, there is a high risk of skin cancer.

With a good sunscreen like the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer non-greasy sunscreen lotion, you can protect your skin against the harmful UV rays, keep the melanin in your skin intact without having to give up on your daily dose of Vitamin D. People with a pale and peachy complexion should be wearing sunscreen every day as they are more susceptible to skin cancer.

Keeps Skin Young And Glowing

Your skin might look youthful and glowing in a sun-kissed selfie, in reality, unprotected exposure to the sun can cause premature aging and wrinkles. UV rays speed up the aging process, causing a phenomenon called photoaging. It causes discoloration, blotchy looking skin, sagging, making your skin old and leathery.

Sunscreen products by La Roche-Posay Anthelios protect the skin from UV exposure, thereby slowing the aging process. It prevents the breakdown of collagen, protects the melanin levels in the skin- keeping your skin youthful, wrinkle-free and hydrated. Sunscreens are also known for reducing or postponing the signs of aging in middle-aged women.

Shields Against UV Rays

It is no hidden fact that sun rays contain the dangerous ultraviolet rays and UVB rays which is really bad for your skin. And with the ever-growing hole in the ozone layer and global warming, it has become all the more important that you apply sunscreen on a daily basis.

UV rays penetrate the skin and damage the very DNA structure, breaking down proteins like collagen, elastin, and keratin. This leaves the skin vulnerable to infections, leads to painful rashes and inflammation. Sunscreens with 30 or more SPF count shield the skin from these rays, reducing the risk of sunburn.

Protects Against Excessive Tanning

While skin tan might look sexy and fabulous if done right, excessive tanning makes you look like a tomato and not in a cute way. Therefore, we would recommend that you apply generous amounts of sunscreen before hitting the beach to protect the skin from sunburns, discoloration, and premature aging.

Continued exposure for more than 10 mins under the sun can cause uneven tanning, and we’re sure no one wants that! Plus, studies have shown that people with pale light skin and red hair are more vulnerable to UV rays than people with skin that has high melanin content.

These days sunscreens are not messy and oily as they used to be, the EltaMD UV Spray Sunscreen, for instance, is very convenient to apply and feels extremely light on the skin.

Prevents Blotchiness And Acne

Sunscreen often also acts as a moisturizer, keeping the skin healthy and hydrated. It prevents sunburns and rashes and also reduces inflammation. Also, with excessive exposure to the sun, your skin can have a sudden eruption of red veins and acne. These sudden breakouts are painful, irritating and sure don’t look pretty!

Sunscreens cover up the exposed pores, thereby preventing the harmful UV rays from penetrating the sensitive skin. It forms a protective layer over the skin, locks the moisture and also keeps the dust and pollution away.

It is mandatory that you apply a good quality, high SPF sunscreen even on cloudy days as UV rays can even penetrate through clouds and reflect off snow.

The Bottom Line

Never let the sun keep you away from enjoying a day out with friends anymore. If you have sensitive oily skin which tans easily, then sunscreens are your best friend. And cosmetic brands have also introduced sunscreen lotions and packs for people with normal and combination skin.

Finding the right sunscreen is not a difficult task, all you need to do is to detect your skin type and pick a high SPF product (at least 30 or more) to keep your skin healthy and safe.