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12 Tips To Grow The Fine Manly Beard



Want that granddaddy look with a free flowing and enviable beard? You need the best advice and the best beard care products, and a lot of good genetics.

A few months back, you decided to grow a luxuriant beard. Probably you expected that in a couple of months it would be six inches long and lend your face the look of masculine authority you have desired from the time you were an adolescent.

But after ten weeks all you have is scraggly looking hair on your face that makes you look ghastly and not wise, unkempt and not gravelly.

Before you go on to the tips and tricks, understand that genetics plays a role. Some men are hairier. If you don’t have hair on your body, you will most likely never be able to achieve a flowing beard.

But that said never give up, at least not before trying all that we lay out before you.

  • Care For Your Face

Keeping your face clean is essential for beard growth. Do not ever hesitate to use a beard soap or a good beard shampoo. Not only does your skin need cleaning but your beard needs to be free from grime.

With Beardo coupons you can buy the best quality activated charcoal soap for a very affordable price. It works wonders at removing impurities from the skin and unclogging pores.

  • Use Wax

Beard wax does for your beard what conditioner does for your hair. It makes your beard more manageable and gives it the shape you desire.

Top-quality beard wax is made of beeswax, shea butter, and aromatic oils. Use of wax also lends a nice, shiny look. With Beardo promo codes you can buy the best beard wax that has a strong hold and makes your facial hair look unique.

  • Do Not Trim

Some men think that trimming the ends makes beard grow faster. Nothing can be further from the truth. If you want it to grow keep away from scissors and trimmers.

If you are a total newbie don’t touch your beard (apart from washing your face daily) for the first two months at least.

After that, you can try and have a barber shave the edges to give it shape but do not allow him to trim it. Any attempt at trimming should happen after it is at least three inches long.

  • Get Good Sleep

Sleep and beard – what’s the connection? The body repairs itself when you sleep. Hair and beard grow when you take adequate rest. Thus it is important to get the eight hours of shut-eye if you want a majestic beard.

  • Get Good Food

Food is all-important for your hair and beard alike. Eggs are a great source of vitamins and biotin. Protein is important for beard because hair is mostly made of keratin that is derived as a byproduct of protein synthesis in the body.

Also include foods that contain antioxidants such as tea, berries, milk, nuts, and meat. Antioxidants reduce free radicals inside the body and promote hair and beard growth.

  • More Testosterone

Why do you have a beard? As a result of testosterone you produce. Try and boost testosterone in a natural way such as regular exercise and removing visceral fat. Also, eat more meat, and spicy food to boost your T-levels. Soon your beard will be full and spectacular.

  • Use a Good Beard Brush

After the first two months, when you can use a fine-tooth comb, you need to get a beard brush. The chief purpose is to untangle your beard and keep it as straight as possible.

Unlike hair, beard tends to grow like a tendril and become curly and entangled. It needs brisk brushing daily to be straight.

  • Massage Your Face

It can’t be stressed enough how important this is. Massaging gets new blood flowing in your facial skin. The more the blood flow the better the nutrition the beard follicles receive and bigger your beard.

  • Say No to Smoking

A cigarette contains over a thousand chemicals most of which are downright harmful to the body. Not only does it impact blood circulation and increase stress (which anyone trying to grow a beard wants to avoid) it reduces the ability of the body in every possible way including impacting beard growth.

  • Say no to desserts

Too much of sugar can wreak havoc on your beard. It is much harder to grow a beard when you are eating too many sweets.

  • Exfoliate your face

Scrub your face once a week to remove dead cells. Dead cells do not allow new beard hair to emerge from under the skin. It also prevents nourishment of existing beard.  

  • Meditate

Beard grows faster when you are relaxed. Manage your stress through yoga and meditation and watch your beard grow faster.


Give it time and in the end, you will have a fine-looking beard that will make you proud. Relax, eat well and exercise. Remember to keep yourself hydrated through the day with plenty of water.

It takes time to grow a full beard and patience is the key. To look like Charles Darwin would take anyone a couple of years at least.